Hi there! This is my first ever game published to itch.io So, I would really appreciate a fair, and constructive rating, and review. Thank you so much!

First time playing? Please consider doing the tutorial! It really helps you understand how to play alot!

Smoke and particle effects are set to OFF at default. If you have a faster PC / internet, I highly reccomend turning the particle effects back on, as this makes the game look much better!

Updated 20 days ago
AuthorSheep Studios
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityConfigurable controls, Interactive tutorial, One button


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Very cool!
I'm not super great at puzzle games with conditional variables like this, but it's certainly a pleasant experience all around.
Without having progressed too far, it seems like there are only a handful of levels, which isn't necessarily a bad thing (especially for people like me who aren't good at these anyway), but players who really enjoy your game might want more of it to experience.

Hello! Thanks for playing. Your feedback really helps us! Yes, we are definitally considering expanding on Happy Town (more levels, buildings, ect.)  Glad you enjoyed our game!

how do I undo or reset a level?

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If you want to undo a level — you can simply right click to remove all of the buildings. If you want to reset a level, you must have desktop edition.. you would need to delete the save for happy Town..

If you want to delete the save (desktop edition only) delete this file, it is located here:

C:/users/username/app data/local/happy_town

Make sure you enable “hidden files”

Hope this helps!

This game has a nice relaxing vibe.

I like how the "level complete" graphic is a nice filled-in town, even in the difficulty selection screen.  I was a bit saddened, however, to notice that the towns shown weren't the ones I built, but instead default solutions.

It was often pretty easy to exceed happiness requirements, which suggests the possibility for town scores, e.g. 1 "star" for meeting the requirement, 2 for exceeding it, and 3 for finding the maximum happiness arrangement.

Other than that, I'd love to see some more complexity in building arrangements.  For instance, shops and factories could have to be within a certain distance of power plants, or too many factories in one spot could reduce happiness (pollution!), etc.

Keep up the good work.  This was a great first submission.

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to play, and review our game. It means a lot to us! In development, we made the happiness requirements a bit lower than we would have normally, because we didn't want to risk the possibility of having that solution be the only one for that level. (We didn't want to frusterate players by making it too hard)

Anyways, glad you enjoyed!

- "the Sheep"